B-17F 42-30048 "Flak Dancer"
Flak Dancer was shot down on the June 26, 1943 mission to Villacoublay, France, piloted by F/O Delton Wheat. The aircraft made a forced landing in Laon, France, and was later repaired and made operational by the Luftwaffe, flying with KG 200. Notice the reconditioned props and spinner hubs, as well as the German cross on the underside of the wing and fuselage. Later the aircraft was brought to the ' Luftwaffenerprobungsstelle Rechlin ' and did some flight tests
there.Finaly it was used by KG 200 with the German registration A3 +CE .

Six of the crew managed to evade capture, 2 were MIA, and 2 were POW.

P-F/O Delton Wheat (EVD)
CP-LT David G. McMullen (MIA)
N-LT Thomas L Ketcham (EVD)
B-LT Robert J Brown, JR (EVD)
TT-TSGT George A Bossinger (EVD)
RO-SSGT Theodore W Finck (POW)
BT-SSGT John J Katuzney (POW)
LWG-SSGT Ralph C Wood (MIA)
RWG-SSGT Warren L Pursch (EVD)
TG-SSGT Dero Hurst (EVD)
photos courtesy of Thomas Genth