384th Memorials

Preserving the Heritage

The 384th Bomb Group, Inc., has established a number of memorials, both in the United States and in England. These memorials are a tribute to those men of the 384th who lost their lives in the quest for Freedom during World War II, and to those who are no longer with us. They are permanent reminders of the heritage and the traditions established by the men of the 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy).

Photographs of many memorials mentioned below - and more - can be found in the Memorials of the 384th Bomb Group photo album, in the 384th Photo Gallery.

Memorials In England

Grafton Underwood, Northamptonshire

The 384th Bomb Group (H) flew all of its WWII combat missions from Grafton Underwood Airfield - also known as US Army Air Forces Station 106 - near the Village of Grafton Underwood.

Just north of the Village, a Memorial Monument and the Memorial Avenue of Trees were dedicated on 5 October 1985. This is located on the (former) main runway 6/24 of Grafton Underwood Airfield, where it is now crossed by the road to Geddington. The original Memorial Monument was dedicated on 25 September 1977, but was later replaced because of weather damage. A plaque for the Memorial Avenue of Trees was dedicated on 4 May 1991.

Within Grafton Underwood, a Memorial Stained Glass Window is located in St. James the Apostle Church (Church of England). The window depicts a B-17 of the 384th Bomb Group flying over the White Cliffs of Dover as it returns from a combat mission. The window was dedicated on 21 May 1983 by the Right Reverend, The Lord Bishop of Peterborough in the Presence of Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester.

In the Grafton Underwood Village Hall, a replica of the Group Banner and other memorabilia are on display.

Kettering, Northamptonshire

In Kettering, Northamptonshire, hand-carved statues of St. Christopher stand in both St. Edwards Parish Church, (Catholic), and St. Paul and St. Peter Parish Church, (Church of England). These statues were presented to the churches in 1945 by the men of the 384th Zebra (NCO) and Officers Clubs. An official dedication was held on 13 May 1979.

A silver chalice and paten set were presented to St. Edwards Church in memory of the men and families of the 384th Bombardment Group (H), and the American and British fighter pilots. The presentation took place on 13 May 1979. A Foundation Mass is held each May as long as St. Edwards Church is in existence.

The belfry of St. Paul and St. Peter Parish Church was re-built and new Bells were installed. One bell, called the American Bell, is inscribed to the 384th Bombardment Group (H). The bells were commemorated on 11 May 1980.

Memorials In the United States

Historic Wendover Airfield, Wendover, Utah

The 384th Bomb Group was established at Wendover Army Air Field in January 1943. Combat training continued there for three months, after which the Group moved on Sioux City Army Air Base for additional training.

A smaller reproduction of the Memorial Stained Glass Window in Grafton Underwood has been placed in the Historic Wendover Airfield Museum in Wendover (Utah), along with other mementos from the Group.

Hill Aerospace Museum, Ogden, Utah

A replica of the Memorial Stained Glass Window is located in the Col. Nathan H. Mazer Memorial Chapel, near Hill Aerospace Museum, Ogden, Utah. It was dedicated on 8 September 1989. It is significant for the Memorial Window and Memorial Monument to be located at Hill Air Force Base, as Hill Field was the parent base of Wendover Army Air Field in western Utah where the 384th Bombardment Group (H) originally trained in B-17s.

A duplicate of the American Bell was dedicated at the Heritage Chapel, Museum Complex, Hill AFB on 9 May 1997. It was produced at the same foundry in England that made the original bell.

The 384th Bomb Group Commemorative Wing Panel is destined to be placed on permanent display at the Museum. From September 2010 thru September 2019, 154 Veterans of this Group have signed the wing panel. Some even added a note or comment relating to their service with the Group. One statistic stands out about this artifact: of the 141 combat crewmen who signed, at least one was on each of the 316 combat missions flown by the 384th BG. For additional interesting statistics, read this.

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Pooler (Savannah), Georgia

The 384th Bomb Group, Inc. has placed a duplicate Memorial Monument, and a model of a 384th B-17 with a ten foot wingspan at the 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, Georgia (near Savannah). The aircraft is named "Big Dog" after Bill Harvey, a 384th pilot.

Another replica of the Memorial Stained Glass Window has been placed in a replica of a British Church at the 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, Georgia (near Savannah).

USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

A 384th Bombardment Group (H) Plaque is mounted on the Memorial Wall in the United States Air Force Academy Memorial Cemetery, Colorado. The Plaque was dedicated on 30 May 1986.

The 384th Bomb Group, Inc. sponsors the Eagle and Fledgling Sculpture, which is awarded each year to the Outstanding Graduating Cadet in Scholastic Achievement in each Major Subject, and Military and Athletic Performance at the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each year a member of the 384th Bomb Group, Inc. makes the presentation during graduation week to the Outstanding Graduate in Biological Sciences.

A plaque mounted on a walnut base telling the history of the Group is located in the United States Air Force Academy, along with a model of one the 384th B-17 Flying Fortresses. These were presented on 31 May 1988.

Other Locations

A Silver Chalice was donated to St. Mary Cistercian Monastery, Ringold, Pennsylvania, near Allentown.

A "Living Tree" was planted on the grounds of the Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio, accompanied with a plaque. This was dedicated on 2 August 1980.

Pictures of the Memorial Stained Glass Window, with plaques, may be seen at the following locations:

  • The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
  • McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas
  • Hill Aerospace Museum, Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah
  • The Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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