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Ordering Information for Group Sales

Please with your order, including your postal address for shipping and your preferred payment method - PayPal, check, etc. - and Keith will provide the necessary information for completing the transaction. If you intend to pay by check, it must be made out to 384th Bomb Group, Inc.

If no response is received, email Keith Ellefson directly at 384thbombgroup@troycable.net using your customary email facility.

384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Patch


These embroidered Group patches are approximately 4-1/2" wide by 4-3/4" high. This particular design reflects the version that was used later in WWII, and was submitted as the "official" version in March 1945.

The price is $10 each, including domestic USA postage.

See ordering information above.

Group Patch

544th, 545th, 546th, & 547th Bombardment Squadron Patches

A limited number of embroidered squadron patches are now available for purchase. Each patch is representative of those worn by our squadron members during WWII. Please note that colors of the images at left may not exactly match colors of the actual patches due to limitations of digital photography and display on a computer screen. Squadron patches are approximately 4 inches in diameter or height, 100% embroidery with an iron-on backing.

The price for each squadron patch is $9.00. For orders of four or more squadron patches - in any combination - the price is $8.00 each. Domestic USA postage is included in these prices.

See ordering information above.
544th Patch
545th Patch
546th Patch
547th Patch

Triangle-P Patch

In the Eighth Air Force during WWII, aerial recognition of group aircraft was necessary to enable crews to properly assemble into their assigned combat formations. In the Summer of 1943, recognition markings were promulgated to all the groups, consisting primarily of a tail and wing marking with a letter inside a geometric shape. Although the details of these markings evolved for the next year, the basic letter and shape remained the same. The symbol assigned to the 384th was the letter 'P' inside a triangle: a 'Triangle-P'. The triangle signified the First Bombardment Division - later the First Air Division - and the 'P' is said to honor Col. Budd J Peaslee, first CO of the 384th.

Detailed information on the evolution of the 384th Triangle-P markings can be found by clicking the 'Description of Group Aircraft Markings' link on the Aircraft page. This Triangle-P patch is modeled on the final version that was applied to 384th aircraft beginning about August 1944. It is about 2-5/8" high

The price is $5 each, including Domestic USA postage.

See ordering information above.

Independent Vendors

These vendors offer their own products on their own terms, and are not directly affiliated with the 384th Bomb Group, Inc. Contact them directly to inquire about availability, or to place orders.

Additional Sources of Patches

Patches by Johnny Signor: "Siggy" custom-paints Group and Squadron patches to order. His patches are painted on leather, using oil-based paints which are very durable. He has access to many designs and will work with you to get the size you want. My 546th patch, which many of you have seen, is Siggy's work. Contact him via Facebook.

The Tom Nash Trading Store on eBay produces and sells 384th Bombardment Group and Squadron patches that are embroidered on felt. He does not always have them in stock, but re-orders a supply regularly - just send him an email from his store website. Also, be sure to mention this website when you order (I don't get anything for it, but it may be good for a discount...). Tom Nash Trading on eBay.

384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Apparel, Accessories, Gifts

Order 384th logo merchandise from EmbroidMe, in Centerville, Ohio. EmbroidMe offers many styles of shirts, pants, outerwear, caps and some accessories, for all ages and sizes. They will quote the exact cost, with shipping, so you know what to expect. I found the website a bit hard to navigate, but that was after I had easily found what I wanted - just keep trying things and it will all work out.

Official 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Pint Glasses

Pint Front Pint Back

These glasses were introduced at the Reunion in San Antonio in October 2012. If you would like one (or more) of them, just contact The Glass Etch Studio at the address or phone number below, or and tell them Frank Alfter of The 384th Bomb Group referred you.

Glass Etch Studio
1606 Old Mill Rd
Springfield, OH 45502

Phone: 937-322-5907
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