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The Post-War Veterans' Group

Following a very successful initial reunion of 384th Veterans in New York City in 1967 (arranged by an ad hoc committee), the 384th Bomb Group, Inc. was founded in 1968 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Veterans organization. Membership of WWII veterans who served with the 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in England grew over the years as word of the existence of the Group spread. Members work to preserve the memory of sacrifices they and their comrades-in-arms made in the name of Freedom.

Since the Group was founded, reunions have been held at numerous places around the country, and occasionally they returned to England for "Memorial Junkets". The reunions afforded an opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Veterans who shared the rigors of war.

Membership at first was offered to Veterans of the 384th who had Served during WWII. These men shared bonds of kinship forged in the crucible of war, strong bonds not explainable to others. Over the years, as the number of Veterans able to participate has waned, descendants - so-called NexGens - have stepped up to help "KEEP THE SHOW ON THE ROAD." As a result, membership rules have been revised, permitting the Group to offer Associate Membership to relatives or persons with a special interest in preserving the memory of the 384th.

A leather-bound book about the 384th Bombardment Group (H), titled "As Briefed...", subtitled "A Family History of the 384th Bombardment Group", was first published in 1946. It contains stories and photographs, a list of Medals and Awards, and briefs about Station Units during WWII. A soft cover Addendum containing additional stories was published by the Group in 1974. The Group published a second edition of "As Briefed..." in 1980, which included the Addendum and the Post-War Activities of the Group. A third edition, published in 1990, includes the Addendum and the Post-War Activities of the Group.

A one-hour television documentary about the 384th Bombardment Group (H) was produced by Central Independent Television of England. It has been shown on British Television twice, and it has been shown at many of our reunions and other occasions. The documentary is titled "The Village That Met Them Again". It was filmed on location in England during Memorial Junket IV in 1983.

Perhaps the Group's proudest and most notable accomplishments have been in the Humanitarian Field. Long before the end of World War II the men of the 384th had adopted several war orphans. The Military Police played "Father Christmas" to the kids in the nearby villages. The Group flew a very special "Mission" to newly liberated Nantes, France. That time, the bomb bays of six B-17s were filled with toys and clothes for the town's children. Delivery was in time for the French traditional gift exchange on New Years Day, 1945. The men of the 384th had contributed money, their candy rations, clothing and toys purchased in town or sent over by request from relatives and friends in the U.S.A. The money was used for clothing, soap, and other practical necessities of hospitals and orphanages, items unattainable in France. The 384th and the French Red Cross ladies had packaged all the items (sent by request to Grafton Underwood) before stowing them into the six B-17s.

That spirit is still alive today, both in numerous projects of the Group as a whole, and in the individual commitments of its members. A prime example of this spirit is the donation of money for the restoration of St. James the Apostle Church in Grafton Underwood, England.

This website, and the members of the 384th Bomb Group, Inc., are proud to help preserve the heritage embodied in the words of Major Selden McMillin. After being captured and made a POW, he wrote the following message to his Commander, Colonel Budd Peaslee:


This simple phrase, adopted as the Group motto, is our link to a proud heritage. It is also our commitment to ensure the Freedom earned with the sweat and blood of these brave men is preserved for future generations.


For any additional information about the World War II activities of the 384th Bombardment Group (H), 8th Air Force, or the Post-War activities of the 384th Bomb Group, Inc., please contact any of the people listed on the Contacts page.

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