Bartlett, George W

Individual Personnel Data
Name Bartlett, George W
Rank Corporal / Sergeant
Serial Number 17072400
Unit Assignments
  • Assigned to the 384th Bombardment Group Headquarters Detachment, per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #191 dated 28 September 1944, effective 27 September 1944.
  • Assigned to the A non-384th related unit, per Headquarters Detachment, 384th Bomb Group Morning Report - 351st Bomb Group for return to the ZOI, effective 24 May 1945.
Duty Undetermined
MOS867 - Radar Mechanic, Bombardment
Last Duty Date 24 May 1945
Results Transferred
Additional Information
Promoted to Sergeant on AAF Station 106 Special Orders #213 dated 28 October 1944.

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