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The 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) flew 316 combat missions over Europe in B-17 aircraft during World War II in the 8th Air Force's strategic bombing campaign against Axis powers. This website honors and preserves the record of the 384th.

Today is December 3rd

The 384th Bomb Group, in combat from 22 June 1943 to 25 April 1945, did not fly a combat mission on this date.

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  • 384th Commemorative Wing Panel Project - UPDATE: The Wing Panel - aka "Wingy" - has been delivered to its new home at the Hill Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah, and has been installed as the centerpiece of a new display focused on the 8th AF. See it here. It is anticipated that future Group activities will include visits to the Museum. See also B-17 Wing Panel Signing Photos.
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  • 384th 2021 REUNION: Planning is underway for a reunion next year. At this time the target dates are 28 September to 3 October 2021, and the location will be Ogden, Utah. Amy Mazer Meighan will make all local arrangements (again!).
  • Past Reunions: For a list of all the reunions held by the 384th Bomb Group since the first one in 1967 - with links to photo albums (where they exist) - visit 384TH BG INC⇒Reunions.
  • Eighth Air Force Historical Society 2021 Reunion: Members of the 384th may wish to attend the 8AFHS 2021 Reunion in Savannah, GA, 27-31 October 2021. Information will be posted on the 8th Air Force Historical Society website beginning March 2021.

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